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  • Today, NBA: Piston war is hot, seeking to be underestimated, James Forbidden Lakers is difficult to Sheng Nick

Today, NBA: Piston war is hot, seeking to be underestimated, James Forbidden Lakers is difficult to Sheng Nick

First place: Heat VS Piston

Heat is currently 11 wins and 6 losses, ranking the fourth place in the east. Two consecutive games faced the wonderful talents first, first 8 points in the home, but the passenger is 100 thousand than 103, and the four-game winning trend has also been ended. However, the core Badler has recently been hot, and the near-three battlefield contributes 30.7 points 6 rebounds 6.3 assists. In the hands of the score of the league, he is a few players who do not rely on three-fold, and only 12 games will be 22 times this season, and they live 6 goals. In the thermal tactical system, in addition to assaulting the inner line, complete the basket and medium vote, more to pull the space to Hero, Dunlo, Tak, Lori and other shooters. However, the hot fire this season is generally in general, only 34.8, ranking 13th place in the Alliance. The game is lost to Qiji, only 27 in 7.

The piston is currently 4 wins and 12 losses, the ranking of the second place, only the magic of the bottom is a winner. However, objective, the team still shows a certain winner. After a wave of 1 win and 8 negative openings, nearly 7 games won 3 wins. Moreover, although there are two games to the Warriors and the Lakers, only 3 points and 5 points respectively. At the core of Grant, Grant cuts 36 points, and Xiu Chan Ning An also became the top two pairs of team members. However, the main center Steutt and James have lost calm after the conflict, but also sew 5 pins, but also have been added two-game ban. This is frosted in a piston that was originally insufficient inner line.

This air fire is 11.5 points. Since its strength, this should be reasonable. However, the piston has been very stubborn, although the Piston has lost Stewart, but he is just a big one in a basket, even if it is also difficult to make a sufficient threat to Adeba. Confused their outer line, nearly two of them are three points, more than 11.1 more than its season. This is also a significant change in tactics. At this point, the piston is small, but under the defensive system of the heating, the piston should score it too high, it is recommended to score.

This recommendation: Piston +11.5

Size points recommendation: 209.5 small

The second game: Lakers VS Knicks

The Lakers are currently 9 wins and 9 losses, ranking 8th in the west. In the end, the eastern weak travel piston was taken by a hard battle, and the 3-game losing defeated was taken at 121 to 116, but James had just returned, just because of the conflict with Stewart, it will be banned. However, the eyebrows and Wei Shao took over the competition, the former cut 30 points 10 rebounds 5 cover, and Wei Shao took 26 points 9
rebound 10 assists three-parallel, and only rare 3 mistakes, the replacement, Anthony and Howard 18 points and 13 points. However, a victory is not enough to cover the vulnerability of the Lakers’ defensive end, and the nearly four teams have lost 120.3 points, and the seasonings are lost to 113.4 points, and the rankings are the second place.

Knicks is currently 9 wins and 8 losses, ranking the seventh place in eastern part. Since November, the team has only achieved a bad record of 4 wins and 7, and after defeating the rocket, the player Chicago is lost at 103-110. The core Landel has finally broke out after a continuous 5 consecutive 5 games (only 13.2 points), and the game finally broke out, cut off 34 points 10 rebounds 3 assists, but the first Barrett, Fu Kie, Walker, Nord four people At the same time, it is sluggish, with a total of 25 points, if not substitute the flat, blogs and Quick et al., Knicks will be paid early.

The Nicks is home to 2.5 points, although the current situation is not good, but their defense is still online, there is not much online, but it can support Knicks directly win, score 214.5 to see small, 11 years since November, Nik Sudi only reaches such a total score.

Recommended on this: Nicksheng

Size recommendation: 214.5 small

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