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Tour! Hu Xi pleaded with Chinese football: the future can reach Japan and South Korea, now players earn too much

Chinese football is a complex topic that can’t say clearly and unknown. After decades of tossing, the national football also pulled first-class in Asia to the quasi-two-flow segment, but the reasons of repeating reversed did not understand, but all passengers did not discuss. Not long ago, Hu Xijin, chronological editor-in-chief of “Global Times”, also talked about Chinese football, he felt that the future can reach Japan, now players earn too much.


According to media reports, in a program, the “Global Times” chief editor Hu Xi referred to the view of Chinese football. He seems very confident to Chinese football because he thinks that Chinese football will develop to Japan, and the segment of Korea, even a little problem does not exist. At the same time, he also pointed out the shortcomings of Chinese football: I don’t want to go to Europe, just want to stay in China, because this makes it more. His view can be summarized in 1 sentence: there is hope in the future, but now earns too much to affect the development of the national football.

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Objectively, the words of Hu boss have a bit reason, and now the actual level of Chinese men’s football is not as good as before, but its income is N times that once players. According to the rankings of FIFA, the national football is only ranked 9th. From the restricted salary order of the Football Association, the highest annual salary of the Super Local Earth cannot exceed 3 million. Just before the salarkeering did not introduce it, the annual income of the Sino-UHT is Liverpool Jersey more than 10 million yuan, and the limit is within 3 million, which is not bad. You can know that ordinary people’s annual salary is about 40,000, they have to earn 3 million to struggle for 75 years, this gap is very large.


In contrast, the characteristics of active national football can be summarized in 1 sentence: the income is too high, the level is a bit low. If you want a few decades ago, the income of the national football players is not high, but the level is first-class in Asia. 1982 World Slim, the national football has the most luxurious lineup, the striker is a first-class, the Nuclear capacity is also the top match of Asia, the door will be agile, the door will be agile … they have a double abuse, the main win of Kuwait, one half of the foot into 1982 The World Cup, only lost the additional raceful regret. You know, the national football is the strongest, and their wages and ordinary workers are almost. The characteristics of the 1982 national football can use 6 words summary: low salary, high level.


Because there is contrast to hurt, we used to “high-level low income”, and today’s national football “high income is low”, so such contrast is easy to cause people’s hot discussion. However, Hu Xijin has a place to be corrected: the active player does not want to leave the country, but the level is not enough. Now that the national football is only playing in Wusi in La Liga, and it is not the main force of iron. People who can stay in Japan have more than 400, and South Korea also has as Asian brothers as Sun Xingzhen. This is also an important reason they can have a place in the world. Hu Xijin said that the national football team can catch up with Japanese and South Korea in the future, then only pay close attention to the development and let the player go out, it may have a play.

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