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Two consecutive departure rockets win! He became a defeat and defeat, and Stone should start trading.

After encountering 15 losers, the Rockets have been two teams in the last two games. It is important to know that the strength of the two teams in the east is not bad. This season is at least the stage of the playoffs, but How can the rocket can be like a high-person guidance overnight, jump from one level to another level.

Let’s take a look at the rocket to win the data of these two games:

The battle between the battle, the banner, 46 rebounds, 27 assists 5 steals 6 caps 22 mistakes, where the shoot 84 is 42, the hit rate is 50%, the hits 36, the hit rate is 47.2%, the ball 22 is 17, the free throw is 77.3 ;

For the Washes, the rocket experience a Tower Tower 146 points 41 rebound 36 assists 5 steals 4 cap 15 mistakes, where the shooting 95 is 53.7%, three points 49 23, the hit rate 46.9%, Free throw 31 21, free throw rate 67.7%.

Then look at the average data of the Rockets this season, average 103.5 points 45.2 rebound 21.4 Assistance 7.2 steals 4.2 cap 18.7 mistakes, in which 37.4 in the shooting 85.8, the hit rate is 43.5%, three points 36.5 shot 12, the hit rate is 32.9%, Free throw 24.3 shot 16.8, free throw rate 69%.

This is the focus of this two games, and the three-pointer-to-three data is higher than that of this season’s hit rate, and one of the factors that change these two data is Sala. In these two games, he gave one person, he was the front of the team to start the center of Tes. Previously used this first small port + Green + Tit + Wood + Tes, the offensive hundred rounds can only get 80.9 points, so that the opponent gets 107.4 points, the offensive efficiency is -26.5, this first is a rocket all A combination of the low efficiency in the 5-person group, and the core of this lineup attack cannot be opened. When Wood is in the event of Tes, there is not enough fire support, this
goal is forcing everyone to get more from the inside line. However, when there are two internal shrinking baskets, the success rate of the rocket will be very low.

From the two games of the war bull with the wasp, it can be seen that when Celas goes to Thas, the team’s offensive space is obviously a lot, after the end of the last game, Salas said: ” We are just transferring the ball, we shot a shot, and we shoot in hit, how many three-point ball in a row, we have a three-pointer at the midpersion today, one of these reasons, let us let us Matthews and Brooks have been more than a long time. “In addition, there is a young and more potential inner line Shenjing, he can play a tandem team in the field, so Salas is not Gifts to Tesse appearance time.

Through more than a dozen games, Tes can be said to be the biggest failure of the Rocket Management Rematch period. It is not only helping the team for 4 years of 35.6 million contracts, but there is still some drag, let him start The rocket attack can’t be opened, so that he will replace the Shenjing to play time will be limited, so for the Rocket General Manager Stone, the most important thing is to quickly put him to the deal, to make up for the rest period. Errors, otherwise these four years of contracts can be uncomfortable …