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Two-knife juvenile big valley plays a new role in a new role?

Written / Zhang Zihan

Da Valiang Ping, a Japanese baseball genius in the hands of the hill or hitting the box, after the 160km / h of the high-speed fireball of 160km / h, Da Guxiang, said that he had to challenge the big alliance. The first referral of the Hokkaido ham flames makes the Great Valley Xiangping decided to start from the NPB from the daily duty, but the MLB team has been watching him in these years. Da Valiang Ping is too special, and he is completely dominated from the Japanese Rod League.

In 2017, Da Guxiang announced that he will sign Los Angeles angel. In MLB body test, his performance does not lose these angel players who have touched the Great Alliance for many years, even in some tests, unlimited MLB, the first Mike Tuur. Just in touch, his bounce ranking team is neutralized. After a month, Da Guxiang accepted the same physical measurement. His vertical jump added to 9 inches, one of the highest players jumped in an angel team.

It turned out that Da Valong has never received vertical jump test before. So his first test score is not excellent. Big Gu Gu Xiang, who is stronger, watching the video all months and touchs the jump skills that suits you. Da Guxiang Ping learned how to use the buttocks of the hips, and also studied his jump starting position. After recent in the past month, he learned to maximize upward jump rather than scattered to the front.

Never underestimate the adaptability of Grand Valley. As the first player in the Big Alliance in the Big Alliance, Da Guxiang is only used in just a few months to adapt to the rhythm of MLB. After receiving the ligament transplant surgery last year, Da Guxiang will only appear on the big alliance in the season. Although this is his career first as a player, but his history indicates that he will ratio Be better last season.

In Shohei Otani Japanese professional baseball era accustomed to high-leg strike

In Shohei Otani Japanese professional baseball era accustomed to high-leg strike

Soil is not convinced to Japan’s two-knife, Xiangping is only two months.

After coming to the United States, the first big League of Da Vali is not smooth, because it is not suitable for the use of the ball and pitcher height of the big alliance, the big valley Xiang Pingchun training, the first two can’t send a short three games I have been hitting three home homes, and the self-sharing rate is very unpredictable 27. It has always been in Japan’s apex. It has become very wolf, less than 2% of the hits, and 32 shots. Grand Valley’s spring training is very bleak, and it is also buckled with some sports media.

Da Valiang Imagine proves himself in the big alliance, but the most important thing is that he wants to become better. In his world, he is only focused on baseball, how to adjust to adapt to competitive large-income, Da Guxiangping gives his answer.

Shohei Otani after rapid adjustment to show firepower

Shohei Otani after rapid adjustment to show firepower

The evolution of modern baseball more and more extreme, this investment is better than playing in the era of the pitcher the ball faster and faster, increasingly sharp breaking ball, pressing force over the past 30 years many times more powerful than that. Like Chicago Cubs – Chris Bryant so tall batters before giving up in favor of the use of high-leg front foot to point the way to keep your head in the fight against the line of sight does not move. In general, give up high leg strikes would mean the loss of a portion of the strike force, but Shohei Otani studied the traditional Japanese-style swing action after a combination of its own characteristics to create their own combat mode.

During batting practice change action, Shohei Otani gradually adapt and begin to hit home runs. The entire 2018 season, Shohei Otani, whether fast or slow in the face of the ball hitters have adopted the front foot to point the way batting. Shohei Otani last hit 22 home runs, slugging rate of 5 to 64. Batting average is a decent 2 to 85, each time a blow to his front foot points to the show of strength and a keen combination of impressive, Shohei Otani adjust and adapt to the speed different from ordinary people.

No fear of big data analytics Shohei Otani change lefty killer

A feature of the past five years is that all MLB teams are introducing big data analysis, hit batters before pitcher has to know when to use habits and kill the ball, the same pitcher before playing also read the scouting report hitters , swing weaknesses and good at hitting the region has long been well known. Although hitters already know Qiulu pitcher, but now pitching the ball too fast, abnormal sharp breaking ball, the two sides duel ending pitchers are often suppressed batters.

As early as in Japanese professional baseball during the Shohei Otani will adept at dealing with left-hander, came to the big leagues left to face a higher level of investment, Shohei Otani performance struggled in August 71 seats in play, Shohei Otani’s measurements sharply to hit .177 / .282 / .242.

When the Angels boss Albert Gee – after S & P Sri Lanka waiting for the season due to an injury early last season, Shohei Otani have more opportunities to face left-hander through continuous learning, Shohei Otani rapidly against the left-hander in a short time offensive strategy in the last 39 last season to face left-hander hit the mat, he hit the measurements for the entire upgrade to another level, batting average 2 percent or even slightly higher than the 97 he faced the right-hander’s performance.

On the scouting report, Shohei Otani speed was ranked A. But half of the season he only ran 2 stolen bases did not show between the base rate, however Xia Banji, Shohei Otani quickly adapted to the big leagues for Lei Bao Tou Bu control the rhythm, and ran out of the eight stolen bases.

If you let a player in contact with a new sport and put him in a good level of the team, then the players need more time to really integrate into the team? For some players, it may take six months to adapt. For some people, it may be a month is enough. Shohei Otani has been demonstrated in the baseball outstanding talent, a strong right-hander and hit well, he proved to us that a “super” athletes is likely within a week will be able to adapt to a new sport. Shohei Otani in basketball squad with the angel a week do not understand anything from white basketball team turned into one of the best shooters.

“He’s a sponge, he is passionate about learning new things,” former head coach Mike Angel – Socier make the evaluation of Shohei Otani. “When you have the kind of modest quality talent and extraordinary athletic ability, and has Shohei Otani, we certainly can achieve a lot of special things.”

Suffered serious injuries choice of surgical Shohei Otani re-start 2019

In the early period of Japanese baseball, Shohei Otani was exposed injury risks. Before coming to the United States, he has received PRP platelet-rich plasma therapy, less than six months in major league campaign by Jake cast a vote into a break-four Shohei Otani in June was diagnosed on the right elbow ulnar collateral ligament two torn. After conservative treatment, Shohei Otani in September to return to the mound, and second of the season because of a finger blister forced to exit.

End of the season against Houston ‘game, Shohei Otani good state, in the first game racing of 100 miles / hour fireball, but all too suddenly to decline gradually in the second game ball Shohei Otani , notoriously ball well, he threw consecutive walks, shot just 2 1/3 innings total of 49 goals was benched. MRI showed Shohei Otani completely torn elbow ligaments need surgery. After the end of the 2018 season as a designated hitter, Shohei Otani underwent ligament transplant surgery.

Last December, the surgeon Shohei Otani physician allowed him to slowly resume training. For rehabilitation Shohei Otani, the Los Angeles Angels of pellets has been very cautious. He allowed only twice weekly strength and combat training. When spring training began, Shohei Otani start pitching, the Angels have been only let him short pass close, distance to avoid premature elbow burden.

Since the 2019 regular season, Shohei Otani’s return became the media are most concerned about the issue. This question becomes an angel before the conference daily, Shohei Otani in the same way each time answering a reporter, “I began to feel a bit tired of answering these questions, we hope the next interview I can sum up my day the performance of the game. “

Otani Xiang, calm face the Detroit Tigers play

Otani Xiang, calm face the Detroit Tigers play

Now, Shohei Otani has really come back, he has been eager to stand on the field as soon as possible to play for the Los Angeles Angels. From the first day of spring training, Shohei Otani said, he began by saying his goal is to catch the Angels opener, when in April he said through an interpreter that he was ready. Clearly, the angel pellets to activate Shohei Otani very cautious. The return of two games, Shohei Otani seems to have not found the state of the game, he has not hit a hitter.

Shohei Otani ability to quickly adapt to the position of designated hitter? The answer is obvious. Expensive for the 2018 season, the American League Rookie of the Year, Shohei Otani ability to adapt has been no need to say, how to continue to improve their firepower, this is the question that he should be considered as a full-time hitter in the 2019 season.