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What are the opponents in the World Table Table Tennis Race? 13 outdoor war 12 times, Liu Guizheng’s disciple does not adjust

During the participation in the 12th game, the China Chao League was suspended. In order to let the national football team training, the Super League 3 days, kicked 10 rounds. This also directly leads to the national football team to perform very tired in the 12th. Don’t say Europe and the United States and other football strong countries, even our neighbors Japan, South Korea, no like my country, stopped the league to give the national team.

Super Super Help is the national football, and my country’s sports project has long training tradition, especially in the contest. Dominant my country’s sports projects, there is no such tradition, including women’s volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting, google morning gymnastics, basketball, etc., football is also operated in accordance with this rule before professionalism reform. Before the contest, you must train, improve physical fitness, run-out tactics, long time, will affect the club score of the staff, Guoan, Guangzhou, Taishan and other official players have almost extracted ten eight9, in order to ensure fairness, balance club relationship , Can only “abandon the car to keep a friendly”. In order to balance the relationship between all clubs, only the league can only be suspended.

After the national football team was returned to the country after the game of Australia, the country was returned to the country. In this way, the second phase of the Super League will be almost around December 15th. According to reporters Zhao Yu report, the second phase of the Super League is likely latest news of indian television to be carried out on January 4th, next year. The original plan is December 1st to January 3, next year, but because the national football team continues to put in West Asia in November, it needs to be isolated after returning to China. On December 1, it will definitely not come.

The reporter Xiao Wei also revealed that “the second stage of the superior, almost on December 12th to January 3 next year. The state is sure to participate, no one has thought of high, 3 days, 2 rounds, this is reality.” “New Express” reports that the second phase of the Super League is not only possible to face the compression schedule, but also face the risk that the club may exit. For two teams who compete for the Football Cup Championship, they must fight 9 games within a month; for two teams who have to play a match, it means to finish 10 games today today in one month. . Yuexia Median Analysis believes that once there is other leak or accidents in this time, then it is not necessary to play 2 rounds in 48 hours.

The problem of universal banks in the Super League team is the secret of the industry. In general, the teams below three months are the normal team, and the team of 3 to 6 months, then It is already a mid-aramid, and the teams that have been in the amount of six months are not blamed. If there is, there is only a lot of people who pay attention to the Chinese team to look at the game, and the player is a heart to play, and the club is a heart to work. If these problems do not solve, the domino effect will appear immediately.

The boss is really love football, “Golden Yuan Dynasty” Football’s bosses and past A a A boss is far more than the love of football. Wang Jianlin once said that football is his favorite, part of his life, just like football. He made Wanda created the “Dalian Dynasty” and also bought a single for Chinese football. Hu Yishan has never been interrupted from Henan Jianye in 1994. His sentence “I didn’t have money than we love football, than we have money, no football!” I don’t know how many people don’t know. Of course, the other, such as Shenhua Zhu Jun, Yatai Song Shanglong, and even the boss and the boss Dai Xiulu and the boss have loved the football more love, more pure.

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