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What happened to Chinese football? Super super-name change, China A 10 team is difficult, the national football is crit

2021 has arrived, Zhongchao, China A, and China, China, etc., in various adjustments, and the national football will face the test of the 40th game, but you said: 2021 winter, everyone is preparing. But all the way, Chinese football seems to have encountered problems: Zhongchao changed the name, China A 10 team is difficult, the national football is critted.

Not long ago, the Football Association launched a new government, which had the provisions of “Super League of 16 Teams”, and the 16 teams have basically renamed the requirements. However, this Mbappé Jersey new regulations don’t seem smoothly, and even some situations. The name of Henan Jianye has been in 26 years. Henan fans have always used this team name, but the team is still changed to “Luoyang Longmen” as required. As a result, this new name passed the audit of the Football Association, but he did not get the fans’ recognition. Now the industry is still carrying out the second change.

In addition to the construction, some team names seem Manchester United Jersey to be changed twice. In short, this is not smooth. According to the football insatist, 10 teams have had difficulty in funding. Previously, the Football Association launched a limited salary, limited vacancies, and this 1st fierce operation also affected the various operations of the clubs such as Zhongchao, China A, and China, especially in the investment. Sponsors can neither violate regulations, but also to ensure the normal operation of the team, plus restrictions, so their enthusiasm is also affected.

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Now there are 10 teams in China. Just in the middle, China is also critted when there is a problem. The Western media has news, and the 2022 World Preliminaries will cancel the Lord, and the 40th game has also changed the game. The place is that China often has been referented by “special care” in Sasta Qatar. You must know that there are still four games in the 40th game, and the national football team has a total of 3 home. The Siade Union suddenly came out, and the advantages of the Chinese team were all gone.

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Impact 2022 World Cup is the biggest goal of Chinese football in 2021. If this is a flash, we are very difficult to accumulate, and we have to be low. Coupled with the number one of the national football, Tejira has went to Wesia, so this time our world preliminary trip looks a little unhappy. At present, the national football is ranked 2nd, and the 4th 40th game must be taken to enter the 12th game. Note that this is just a top 12, and it is necessary to face the day, South Korea, Macao, and Iraq. Therefore, our world cup trip is also a long way.

In the whole, Chinese football in 2021 seems to Lionel messi Jersey be as cold in winter, I hope that we can have passed, especially hope that Li Tie coach can take the national team to finally enhance the 2022 World Cup.

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