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What is Jieji Robinson Day?This day, all MLB all players are wearing a jersey of 42.

On April 16th, Beijing time, MLB average Alliance welcomes Jackie Robinson Day, all major alliance players and coaches wearing the top 42 jersey to respect this great legend..This is his 72nd anniversary of his first game with Brooklyn Dodge.On that day, Robinson became the first African American who participated in the big league baseball game, he had changed this movement forever.

On this day, all players of the big alliance will be wearing a jersey of 42

On this day, all players of the big alliance will be wearing a jersey of 42

Robinson boarded the big alliance loading history

The phenomenon of racial discrimination after the victory of World War is still very serious. “Colored people are not allowed to be inner” in various public facilities, and the colored people have no position in the society, and their rights are often affected by the uncovering provocation and even violent violence. This is the US racial relationship with the “Green Paper” “Green Paper”, which is also unable to scare the haze of racial discrimination.

African players, Latino players can only go to the Negro League and some of the PSCs in the Caribbean or Mexico, countless talented players can’t board the baseball, the highest stage American professional baseball big union. On April 15, 1947, Robinsen wore 42 jersey to play a first base, the black player was allowed to play in the Black League before the Brooklyn Dodge.

In 1962, Jieky Robinson was introduced into the baseball name; in 1972, the Dodgeball group retired his jersey number 42, representing this jersey and glory, always belong to Jieky Robinson, to commemorate the year Base – Robinson’s superior contribution. In 1987, Robinson entered the 40th anniversary of the Great League, the Grand Union was a contribution to Robinsen, and named the New People’s Award, named “Jiegi Robson Award”.

Robinson's Great Alliance

Robinson’s Great Alliance

In 1997, Robinson entered the 50th anniversary of the Greatly, all the teams of all major alliances were embroidered on the jersey arm, also embroidered the fiftieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson 50, and express their respect for Robinson. At that time, US President Clinton also went to the course to commend Robinson and praised its contribution to the US sports and civil rights movement, and was accepted by Robinson’s representatives.

In 2004, the Grand Union was scheduled to be Jackie Robinson Day on April 15th, and from 2009, Jackie Robinson Day, and every player and coach of the Grand Union. Wearing the 42st number 42. In the past commemorative Jieji Robinson’s 孀 and his family will come to Los Angeles Daoqi (predecessor Brooklyn Daoqi) coupon to participate in the commemoration.

All teams retired from 42 North American four major alliances only this example

In 1997, Jieky Robinson entered the 50th anniversary of the Grand Union. In order to commemorate this extraordinary meaning and excellent life, all major alliance teams retired from the 42nd jersey to remind the world to cherish this era of freedom. The 42nd jersey is fully retired in the Great League. All teams’ new players must not use this back, this is an unprecedented innocence of the
professional sports, the first precedent of the No. 42 jersey, representative of Robinson.

The New York Yangji team Pitched Maliano Rivera is the last large Union player using the No. 42 back, and all the big alliance team has a retired 42 jersey. A Alliance all team retired the same back, this only in the four major alliances in North America. The most great black players in the previous ESPN, Jieky Robinson were second only to “Basketball God” Michael Jordan, and even beyond the “Boxing” Ali.

In 1962, Robinson was selected as a celebrities.

In 1962, Robinson was selected as a celebrities.

Robinson not only changed the historical status of baseball than shoulder Martin

Jiegi Robinson mounts the big league to start his epic career, from this player, according to the skin color, the baseball league will be always a history. As the first black player who entered the US duty wand, the pressure is not a general person to bear. From the teammates to his boycott, they can’t go to the white restaurant. When they come to the South, they will receive anonymous threshold, some people have to shoot him; his opponent will often make a malicious action hurt and insult Robinson.

However, Robinson, in honor of Branci Rechi, without speech and limbs, just use the ball in your hand to make the baseball more fierce looks. And more players also chose to stand in Robinson. His teammate skin, Vio Reth, did not cover his appreciation and favorite in front of Robinson, and he said: “You can hate someone because many reasons. But your skin is definitely not one of these reasons! “

Robinson signed the scene of historical contract

Robinson signed the scene of historical contract

The impact of the Robinson landing big alliance does not only exist in the baseball world, and it has changed the entire US. In 1947, Robinson broke the race isolation and the white athletes in the same game. It was more than seven years earlier than the US Supreme Court. It was seven years earlier than the Montgomery Mali City, which was caused by Rosa Parke. year. The success of him is not only a diagram of the light of many people, but also recognized as one of the most important events of modern American civil rights movement. The value and significance is not in the black people’s right to black people leadership.

“It is Jiegi to make a lot of work on the baseball field.” Martin-Ludder Gold After many years, the contribution of Robinson has been evaluated.

In the United States, Robinson is not only treated as a baseball player. He is also considered a black people’s civil rights fighter, so commemorating Robinson’s activities is not limited to baseball boundaries, but all of the United States, all classes will participate in the whole people.

In the music world, there is also a car tribute to Robinson, the album name is called “Jegic Robinson: The pirate” “Jackie Robinson: Stealing Home” a Musical Tribute “).

In the movie world, there is a “Jackie Robinson Story”, Robinson acts in the movie, and the film is released in 1950, which is the first film that describes the black people become American heroes.

On April 12, 2013, the “No. 42 Legend”, starring Brian Haierlde, Harrison Ford, is also a sports biographic movie according to Jieky Robinson’s life, race equality is also The subject of this film.