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What is the rule of the World Cup South American Match?

The World Cup South American Military Rules is 10 members of the preliminaries that are still traditional, 10 teams have two rounds of host versions, a total of 18 rounds. Finally, the first four teams channel 10 news contest phone number directly advanced to indian idol contact number the World Cup, and the fifth times of india entertainment tv news team participated in Intercontinental. In the Brazil World Cup qualifiers held in South America on the 23rd, South American Jinha Argentina was defeated at the Monument Stadium with 3: 0, and the Colombia team defeated the Bolivian team at home at home. Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay rank first.

In the early morning of October 17, 2012, Beijing time, in the 2014 International Football World Cup European Qualified selection, the German team was magically flattered by the 4-go Sweden, and the original 3 points became 1 point at the last moment. World Champion Spain also lost the ball at the last moment, 1-1 and French handshake and ended the proud record of the qualifiers 24 games.

The German team kicked well in the main court. Klose opened its second degree in the 8th minute and 15th, raised his www indiatimes com in english total number of spins in aaj aaj ki news Germany to 67 goals, which was less than the German goal record of Germany’s legendary front front. . In the middle and defend Metersak, in the 39th minute and 厄zil’s 56th goal helped the team a leading advantage of 4 goals.

Everything is developed in the direction of the German team. Under the leadership of the stars, Sweden showed great tenacity. Ibraho broke the ball in the 62nd minute, blowing the horn of the Jedi counterattack. The defender Rusterti and the striker Erman helped Sweden further reduced the score gap. Elm has perfectly ended the counterattack of Swedish Jedi in the third minute of the injury.