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What should I do when I lost Henry Emperor?

In the current league, there is no such thing as the Journey to Music, which is more complete and hardworking.

Derrick Henry is a typical professional football prototype running guard, with physical load to assume road attacks, especially since the quartz Ween-Tam Hill has become his backfinder, will promote Titan attacks Great levels that have not been entered. Since 2019, when Henry debut, Titan’s offensive EPA is as high as 0.171, second only to the unilateral chief.

But unfortunately, because the foot injury, Henry may be absent from the competition until the beginning of the season, Titan will have to remind the original offensive tactics. They followed the old man to run to Adrian Peterson, but they all see that no one can replace Henry Emperor. If the previous eight-week progress, the Henry Ben will bear the load of 400 moches, which is more than the seasons in the last season or even the seasons of the seven teams.

It is difficult to ensure that Titan offense will have a substantive progress in lack of 22nd runners. We can determine that analyzing the Attack of Tamshari / Henry Times Titan, see how others should support attack.

Data against different competitions in the past two and a half seventy have been different.

First, the usage rate of different files, Henry’s number of files proved that he is not only on a situation, but it is contracted all of the situation offensive. No other team will use Titan like a cultivated cattle in a gear and two gears.

The success rate data is also reflected in different situation. When Henry debut, the conversion success rate is significantly stronger than the other two running guards Jeremy-McNikols and Di I, but this is related to the conversion distance. Since 2019, Henry’s 102-file conversion file has debuted, 77% is facing the number of three and four short codes (1-2 yards), and the other two replacement runoffs have 62% of the time Three gears 6 yards or longer distances.

In short, Henry (and the truth threatened threat to him) consists of Titan’s entire “planned” attack. The serious difference between his use and teammates did not end because of the number of files and conversion distance.

The game time has a great impact on the game time of Henry’s substitute. Lewis and McNikols form five-five open use proportions, they will be very clear from the back of each half.

In-depth analysis, can be foreseen, and the changes between these runners and personnel are pronounced. For the replacement running guard, Titan let them appear in a scattered formation, and 77% of the offensive files are three external hands (11 configuration). When Henry is in the case of the usage rate of about 37%, while Henry participates most is the bine terminal array (12 configuration), 37.5% of the ratio is slightly higher than 11 configuration.

Finally, it is also the most important thing that Henry’s present or unaffected attack tactics and offensive results, which directly affect Tanhar and other teammates, and the Titan defensive group.

Data confirmed our subjective feelings and transcripts: there is no Henry, Titan’s pavement attack. Even if it is planed within two minutes and the data of the conversion file, the non-Huna’s punch attempts to try 78 files, and the EPA is only -0.165.

When Henry was present, Titan’s pass EPA almost turned over, but the game may be more important than pavement attack. When we scrapped in the same game, Lewis, McNikols and the EPA of Tennell had soared to 0.257. This number is largely due to the passage of Tamnes in the Red District, and the 44-speed ball has completed 9 years.

Finally, although the difference in attacks in the backfield also has a large phase of the court, the defensive group’s defensive way is the same. Since 2019, the pass attack at Henry and Tanhi, and the other party defensive 57% of the time is regional defense; in the same time, Lewis / McNikols and Tannyshire partner The opponent also has 55% of the time-owned area. In the safety and space form, Tanhar and Henry have 69% of the time when there is a single high position, while replacement running guards.

Some things are more intuitive in recording than data. According to the different running guards, Titan has two sets of attacks. Nowadays, this team not only lost the engine and hit the city hammer, but also lost the number of shortcodes and 12 conflict advantages. Previously, alliances did not use targeted defensive dealing with Titan, which may have changed from now on. McNikols has always played a specific role. In addition to the three gears and two minutes offense, other tasks need other people to bear, temporarily look at the old AP.

I have always thought that running guards are not important, because everything in the rugby game is important. However, for Titan, it is almost equivalent to lost four-point guard. Tamnel and his arms must accept a new identity, because 6-foot 3 inch 240 pounds of Titan have unloaded the bearing of the giant sword.