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  • When Luo Guofu is replaced, Chinese football lost now, and it can’t see the future.:Indian news

When Luo Guofu is replaced, Chinese football lost now, and it can’t see the future.:Indian news

A few days ago, Safi, Ribi and Zacheroni three Italian legendary sheen, met with Fuxinano.

Safi is a tutor who created Italian tactical trend in the world, while Lipper and Zakcheron have played a quite a good record in China and Japan, so in the meeting, the three people didn’t talk about the days to teach Asia. .

When I talked about the Chinese football after the foam of Jinyuan bubble, Lubi said that the Premier League in the Preparation of Super League can attract a high salary to the world, but this situation is hard to exist.

“Now we have returned 20 years ago. Including the annual salary of the players, the size of each side is shrinking. Those great Brazilian players will not come.”

If Chinese football can go back 20 years ago, it may be the scene of Chinese fans to see.

Today, today, Chinese fans also immersed in the joy of “rushing out of Asia! Go to the world!”, Almost everyone is in the second year of the Korean World Cup, guessing the lottery held after more than ten days. At the ceremony, we will share with which teams are divided into the same group.

The Chinese football at that time was full of hope.

Just a month ago, we just defeated the opponent 1-0 in the Wuli River Stadium in Shenyang and got the last victory required for the outline.

The opponent at the time was Oman.

Today, 20 years later, the early thing is that people are not.

The fifth round of the 12th, the national football is in the Sharjah Stadium in the UAE – this so-called home station, 1-1 is detailed by Oman. Just as Wu Lei said before the game, Sharja is indeed his blessing, but his goal did not help the national football team to win. With this order, the opponent still retains the opportunity of the top three of the impact group, but the five rounds of quadruple results, let the Chinese team lose “rushing out Asia!”! “

From the beginning, we may not have this kind of illusory imagination, but the thousands of fans have “dreams still have to be,” I have achieved the spirit of the 12th game with the national football. Procedure.

It seems that there will be no one this time.

In fact, from the match against Aman, the Chinese team’s performance is still possible.

At least 60 minutes, Li Tie’s tactics are still very effective. Although the opening is from Oman from the left and right two, the threat attack:

However, after the high level of Oman, after the three-ax ax, the national football fought itself to open the way:

Domestication player.

This game, Luo Guofeng and Alan all entered the first list, and these two did not live up to the hard expectations of the fans, the 20th minute of the competition, is Luo Guofeng and Alan in the ribs and wear, for the national football In exchange for the opportunity to position the ball attack. In this positioning ball, Wu Lei broke the score:

In this competition, the Chinese team fully utilizes Luo Guofu’s killing effect on the sidewalk. Through a long biography of the diagonal line, it has repeatedly let Luo Guofei get a one-to-one space in the side, the national football Most of the offensive threats are also from Kits Football Kits this. However, this is built on the huge consumption of Zhang Yunning and Alan.

Why can this game of the national football team can always be transmitted to the diagonal? Can Allow Luo Guofu directly facing Oman’s back? the reason is simple:

Zhang Yunning and Alan can play a certain amount of spending and connection. Every time they take the ball, Oman’s guard line has to shrink toward the middle road. So, the sidewalk is emptied, no matter whether it is a long biography or It has a sufficient space for a long pass.

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After the goal, Oman started to compete for the initiative to compete through a big move, which brought huge pressure on the national football, so he went to the second half of the first half, and Zhang Yunning and Alan have lost the existence because of physical alarm, Oman Set off an offensive frenzy.

At that time, the national football team waited until the end of the half, but it was not so lucky.

In the 54th minute, Luo Guofu dedicated the last threat attack: In the 58th minute, Alan dedicated the last successful response and shooting:

In Football Shirts Wholesale the 61st minute, Zhang Yunning appeared in the successful admission: Starting from this node, Zhang Yunning and Alan have gradually lost the effect, and Luo Guofe will be replaced in the shortcomings, and the national football is slowly lost. The ability to do opponents.

Even if they have also created such an offensive threat:

But only after 3 minutes, Oman slammed the score through the corner kick attack:

Throughout the whole game, 60 minutes is a clear node.

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60 minutes ago, the national football played the appearance of Li Tie. After that, with the decline of key players, the original tactical effect gradually disappeared, and the pressure began to fill the post, which made Oman’s goal. NS.

It is possible to change people and adjust the choice of Li Tie after 60 minutes, and it is also possible to sigh 60 minutes before the national football team cannot convert threats to more goals, which is the cause of failure to win.

However, whether it is a replacement, or the main reason for the opportunity, the most core reason, or the strength is not that the part.

– “No matter which player, as long as he meets the requirements of the game, I can help the team, I will do not hesitate to play him.”

Before this time, Li Tie replied to a lot of sharp problems in an interview, including the use of the originator. In the view, Luo Guofu and Alan have shown a good ability and state in a limited time. At least in this competition, Li Tie calculates “Shun Zongguan”.

However, Li Tie did not blindly chose them, but because “in these two months of training, Alan and Luo Guo’s training are very strive, and the physical function has a great improvement”. This game also proved this. .

However, both of them have trusted and cannot change the results of the first four games.

“These four games, the team did expose a lot of shortcomings, we have been trying to improve. If you want to summarize, the first game is in the first half of Australia, we can do better. Both the whole 12 games The game, the team performance is not good. “

And lost home qualifications, need to go to West Asia again, then give the stress of the players, add more burdens.

“When I first get the exact news, many players’ psychological gaps are greater.”

In fact, like Li Tie said, these are things that the national team can’t change, they can change things, in fact, only their own, just like Li Tie’s selection people.

“When I did a player, there will be when I don’t understand the coach. Many people in the industry include Fan Zhiyi, Zhu Guanghu guidance, and some media are communicating with me. They think that the team can improve the place. I.”

“I am very willing to discuss these issues with professionals, and our coach team is very open.”

Survival of Li Tie capabilities, the use of these issues, the Chinese team is actually facing a lot of objective difficulties.

After the end of the previous group, the national football returned to the country from the UAE. After a long time was isolated, the players finally got home, “and the family can have the opportunity to reunite, I think this is psychologically It is also a transition and adjustment that can be exchanged. “

However, the time of the exchange environment in Zhang Yun Ning, only two days.

Two days later, the national football resisted.

The influence of the epidemic, Li Tie’s national football team has never found a warm-up opponent, which is difficult to test the tactical arrangement of the team, will not show in high strength.

So they had to find the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team, and two warfare games that perhaps only to keep the state.

Before the match, Li Tie is the most worried thing to go to West Asia, “Does the players can stay in this state, and there is no pressure in these two warm-up games.” If players in the official game can still reach this The physical data and mental state, that is so good. “

Unfortunately, the warm-up match is not a twelve competition. Oman is not a Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team.

“These three months also make me grow a lot, and the team is growing.”

When interviewed, Li Tie’s sentence was obviously from the heart. Because of the poor record, Li Tie has experienced a lot, there is no short questioning, there is also a rumor, but for him who has experienced “Chang Li Tie”, these are nothing.

When the team was training in Shanghai, Li Tie hit a lot of people who met or didn’t know, they were taking the drums for him and the team. “They are all hoping that Chinese football is good.”

After the first four rounds of competition, many players were also analyzing the shortcomings of Chinese football.

Including the professional players in Wang Xiaolong and Tang Yu, there are many media and fans, and many people point the problem to the youth training. Directly from Tang Yu’s single knife, Wang Xiaolong told us a story about an intuitive gap.

At the beginning of 2007, in order to perform at the Olympics held at the doorstep, the Chinese Olympics went to the UK to train training. That training, because the National Olympics and the collective fight of the Queen Park were well known by the fans, but during the training period, the Olympics once observed the game of Chelse West Youth Training College.

“I saw the technical footage capabilities of Chelsea’s 12-year-old child in the game, which was that many of our nationals were unable to reach. At that time, the domestic coach was also sighing, and we did have too much in the same age. ! “

“This is the reality 14 years ago.”

Just like this game, Amanda is not strong, this point can be seen from them, but they are not better than the national football, which can be seen from the FIFA ranking.

Even if Li Tie has not changed to the country rich, the national football players don’t see the opportunities, and as these key players can fall rapidly, Oman will still attach our door.

Therefore, the score of 1-1 is actually very fair.

China has been in China that reaches ten populations, which is indeed too great to have too much success on football. The team of Fan Pueville, the Chinese Football Association Technology Director has done an animation, filled with China’s map area with a total of 315 copies of China.

“In this case, if the Belgium of 11 million people can get the FIFA world in 2 years, then China has 315 times the opportunity to reach this goal.”

Just, that is just theoretical probability.

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