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When the NFL master coach is a experience to see how the coaches "arrange" players

In modern football, the role of the main coach is increasingly important, and he is related to a team tactical play and the direction of the team. It is not easy to be a good coach. Go back to find a job.

Each coach is different. They have different character, different tactics, different ways, and the way of people is different, and each of these points have university. But in the end, the coach used the executor, the player was the executive in the game. They can experience the intentions of the coach to hook directly with the team’s record, then NFL’s main coach how to “arrange” Ming Ming Woolen cloth? We together look!

Mike Salunhan once served as the 14 seasons in Denver Manga, Josh Mc Daniel, also taught two years in the wild horse, and the former brought two super bowl trophy for the wild horse, and the latter is here. Waiting for two years, because of the less than the lesson. There are many people who have a coaching position in the club with 59 years of history, and some people have successful people fail. In this time, everyone hopes to make their tactical intentions clearly to the team. .

“The communication and communication between the coach and players is very important.” General Manager of the wild horse, John, Alvi, said: “Your player may come from different environments, they all need some different ways to treat, you need to put everyone Brought to the correct track, we strive to the same direction. This is an important part of the coaching work. “Just like the front mantang corner Wei Tu Pushed – Berry said:” If you don’t know, Everyone has a number of ways, that is not good. You must have the core values ??you believe in, and then you will have these ideas into your head with your own coaching experience. “

New officials, coaches usually pass the data to prove their own point of view, but until the end, don’t forget to add a “data” data can’t explain everything. “Some coaches gave the players to watch the video, a front mappie coach gave the players to watch Wolf hunting, lion hunting and bison fighting, etc., he wants to tell the players a truth – the survival of the survival. There is also a coach like the class teacher of the college entrance examination, likes to carry a variety of inspirational figures in the “classroom”, instil into chicken soup, such as the patriotism of Bill Billik. Of course, there are also coaches to speaking genius, they will use their speeches to bring the players into their rhythm, like the Mike Tomlin of the steel people.

But the day after day, year, what should I say, what should I say, this is an interview.

“Telling true, I will not take advantage of it.” Mike Tomlin said that he is currently the fifth head of the team’s time in the 32nd team of the League: “I need special moments in the team.” The person they needed to become, so some things must be repeated once again. Sometimes, we will encounter new challenges, I will not be annoying some things. Over time, we will accept Many new faces, this is part of rugby, I will change. “

When asked in the meeting, Tomstone spent how much time in his speech, Tomstin clearly said that he would focus the focus of the discussion in the moment: “In fact, it is also very repeated, I It is already a long time here, so some words still avoid repetition, and they will understand. “The season, Tomin has also been tested, because Levian-Bell’s contractual problem, the two sides adhere to the team Discussion focus. But from then, now the steel man gets the record of 7-2-1 to lead the United States.

Denver wild horse line Weifeng-Miller said that in the training camp, he can experience the pain of the coach. As a team of the team, the leader of the locker room, Miller should play a lead in the team and become the advertised of young people. When he emphasized some things, but the player can’t receive it completely, Miller said: “I now know the experience of the coach at that time. I think that when the team is moving or encountered, people will always feel Depressed, things will become difficult, I think it is necessary to do a good job in the locker room, you will stay with them, all the difficulties are borne. “

Los Angeles Lightning last season is 0-4, followed by 9-3, the rest of the season, this season has got 7 wins and 3 losses. The head coach Anthony-Lynn said that he is his life creed: “We insist on it, our team strategy has never shaken. We have a standard, when things do not follow your expected track development, this does not mean You have to leave the ball with the ball. You have to stick to the end, believe in yourself, but also to be responsible for yourself, let the players learn to be responsible for each other. I believe this culture can be inherited, this is great, you may not be around The past victory and failure, but you can definitely continue the culture of this dressing room to the future. “

Denver’s wild horse encountered 3-6 before entering the wheel, this means it is a bad season, but the head coach Wansan Joseph is still optimistic, because the horses are very poor, 6 games There are two lost to the chief, and there is a total of 14 points in the three games.

“We are very optimistic.” Joseph said: “This optimism makes us fight, and continue to fight. This is our creed, we will continue to work hard, sum up the failure of the past, improve the way you need to correct each person, From the coach to the players, they will work hard to everyone. “After the turn, the wild horse Lien lightning and steel people have two Jinji, retain the hopes of the playoffs.

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