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Who are you! 2018 season MVP Award Bates and Yaleqi no suspense





After the end of the World Competition, the final personal awards in the 2018 season finally announced that Boston’s red socks Muqi-Bates and the Milwaukee brewing people were Christian – Jeregge won the MVP of the United States and the country. Bates led red socks to get the best in the history of the team 108 wins, and the team will launch the world contest in the playoffs. Jellic helps not being optimistic for the most 96 winning people, defeating the bear and win the partition first, and seven years will let the Milwaukee return to the season.

Outstanding unlawful dispute this year’s MVP no suspense

Sai Yang Awards voted by the American Baseball Reporter Association (BBWAA), the United States and the National Conference were selected. Each large alliance team has two representative reporters to participate in the voting of their respective alliances. Each reporter has ten votes. The score of the first shipment is 14, and the second shift to the pivot ticket. Decrease from 9 to 1, the total score the highest winner award. If a player has been voted in all the first step, his score is 420 points.

Bedz received 28 first sho and 2 second selection votes, total 410 points. He is the first MVP player since Dattin Pedroa in 2008. Los Angeles Angel Outfielder Mike – Tu Lawte got 265 points, Cleveland Indians Three Radger Jose – Ramirez won 208 points.

Jerege almost all gave a unanimous evaluation first, he got 29 first and one votes and 1 second selection of tickets, total 415 points. The only one who did not favors his first shipment, gave the country League to win the main Jacob – Degrom. Chicago Bear Two-base Harville – Bayz is 250 points, the Colorado Slija, Nalan-Arena, 203 points.

Attack good, B & B is fully defeated

This year is Bates in the fourth complete season of the Grand League. His 0.346 hits, 129 scores, the length of 0.640 leads the big alliance, and he has 47 second bases, 32 strokes and 30 pirates, the excellent offensive end makes him win. This year’s Silver Cove Award.

It is worth noting that Bates or the first one of the first 30-30 club members (ie 30 bombing 30 pirates, and the symbol of power and speed). Since 1957, the famous Thai Williams, the red hose is also the first player to rank the first place in the hits and long. There are 20 games to reach 4 times, and the same is also the same.



Winning the championship and welcoming the born, coupled with the Mavp, B & B, which was a good thing, was very happy: “This means that I value this award, but in my opinion, we have won the world. The contest has brought back a champion trophy for Boston. Everything is in mastering, JD-Martinez and head coach Alex – Kora came, they gave me a new look of the game, taking it for me. Aspect. I have learned a lot, everyone can see my home run and other progress, but behind everyone doesn’t know, I have a special year. “

In terms of defensive, the 3rd gold gloves are grazing Bates 5 this year, and they have 20 points. Although he is difficult to say in the offensive, it is better than the two MVP Truite, but relying on the preparation of the play, Bates defeated 10.2 at 10.9 in the overall victory. Bates recalls that in 2016, he losed to Truite in the MVP selection: “I am very eager to win, but you don’t know if there is a chance to roll back, I am just thinking about the day.”

Through oneself, the team returned to the season of the benefits of the years, who did I do?

In order to support the fire officers and soldiers who are fighting with the mountain fire, Yeliqi wear a Los Angeles Fire Station’s hat and family relatives celebrated the award in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A MVP winner of a winemaker is also in it. Jerege Feedback: “You can share this glory with friends, family and people in my life. I have said that I have a prize. There is a trial of their credits. The recent situation in California is not good. I am very happy to meet a lot of smiles. I am difficult to describe it in the language, you can’t think of this day, it’s amazing! “

Due to the Malin fish, the management of the newly joined the original “Golden Field” is sold, 2017 National Federation MVP Jankolo Stanton Transfer Yangji, Silver Bar Gold Glove Double Great Massel – Austrian Joining the red tones, Jereg came to a winemaker. The 2016 season is the top peak before Jerege. He has 21 bombing 98 points, 0.859 attack index, is excellent but not enough to let him associate him with MVP. Especially in the 2017 season, he still returned, and people expect him nothing more than 30% hits and 20 bills.



After coming to the new team, Yelica has gone some adaptation. From July 8th, he became unpacking. He has a 0.367 hits in the 74 game, and 0.444’s oscillation rate, 25 The home running, 22 barrier and 1.171 attack index. After all-star circumference, his long-winning rate was the highest since the 2nd National United Nations, the second National United Known, 45 points.

With the excellent performance of Jeregia, the winemaker won 48 wins in the second half of the season, and the Ontario Bearing of the China Union is in the past two years into the play. In this game, Jeregi single 3 owned 1 point, led the winemaker. Talking about the whole process Yelic is very excited: “I don’t want to think, I don’t want to think, start from a little, and I have a big alliance. I have a dream. I have achieved my expectations. We have encountered six losses before weeks before we have, and I have re-adjusted myself. The next half is the magical journey, the entire environment has changed, and every game is critical, this forces you to do your utmost Full. “

The four degrees and MVP should be pasted by Truite to be dragged by the team.

Take 24 Second Blocks, which can be said that this year’s United Jenian player is only recognized by Bates. On this time, the most valuable player in 2014 and 2016 has raised the second in the year-end awards. Don’t forget that Turuite has been playing for seven seasons so far. His most “poor” last year, he missed six weeks because of his thumb injury. The accumulated victory contributed to 64.3, a 27-year-old Turkot, 64.3, which is much higher than a lot of accumulation of many celebrities. If the scope of discussion is limited this year, Bates is the first, if you want to ask who is the strongest player of the United States and the entire general alliance? It is obvious to Tuurot.

Tuurot This year’s attack index is the highest alliance of 1.088, 10 points higher than Bibiez. His 0.628 long-winning rate is behind Bezs, but his 0.460’s upper rampage rate is 22 points. Different from Bates, the angels in the “Fish Ball” are not strong, and there is not so much to fight back before the gun. Open Road Pioneer Cole-Carlorn This year, the same disaster was shaped in the first half of the season. The most important Albert-Prince is now expensive, even if the best rookie big Valley is intimate before and after The stick provides support, after all, genius two-knife teenagers have limited opportunities. Empty, a martial arts, Truite, is in a very embarrassing situation. Once the lack of strong cover, the other person’s pitcher can concentrate on solve him, really solving, and put the ball to dodge can’t keep the base. This greatly limits the play of Truite, making it difficult for him to create more value.

The special revolution of Turlau has been unhappy, and the fans who can’t see the “rescue Tera” have issued the voice of “rescue Turki”. The strongest player. It can be expected that young and more special Turt will still stay strong in the most valuable players, but if the angels have not changed, they always have a playoffs, Turkit is still like this year. Like a loss. “Water MVP, iron-hitted Terlat”, this scene is not willing to see.

After a year, I won the Ten Sheng De Grom by the team.

It is De Grom to take away the only one-shot vote from Jeregge’s hand. He took 29 the first shipment ticket in the national league Yangdao. It is necessary to suggest that the victory contribution of Jeregia 7.6 is the first in the country of the country, but the victory contribution of Degrom is 10.0! Looking at the Alliance is lower than Bibiez and Tuuri, the big trusdom is not a star half of the style of the winemaker.

Since there is already the existence of Sai Yang Award, the MVP awards tend to be awarded to wilders, and pitcher is difficult to win wilders in the whole year due to the restrictions of the opportunity. However, occasionally a prominent pitcher is to take the race and get MVP. The nearest example is the 2011 season of Justin-Wrand and the 2014 season of Corizha, the performance of the two is not only killed. Pitcher list, that is, all roads can only be willing to worship.

However, MVP is not just that the players can take advantage of them, but the team has a good grade is an important reference of the score. Willand and Kokkidaid a year of the double award, the team won the first part of the first to kill the playoffs. De Grom? It can be said that it is still a bit more than 7 points compared to Truite. The big capital will be striking too pit, which is not only unable to compete with the head name, even if it gives Degromo, it is a few victories. Every time the Degrom is born in the seven-eighth games, only 1 minute 2 points, can you attach yourself or hanging eggs, occasionally you can get a 1 point or herself, Guolian Xinke Saiyang can only call him. If you have a macarium with the main force, you can even fall into the bottom of the bottom of the bottom. In this case De Grom’s own excellence, it is also unable to compete for the most valuable title.

The routine raceless season game is soft two young new stars white

Whether it is a pity, Bates and Jerege have won more deserved this year. But did they have no shortcomings in their 2018 season? A simple number may give you a different opinion. Bates This season’s regular game attack index 1.078, only 0.608 in the playoffs; Jerege regular season 1.000, playoff 0.772.

Analysis is more meticulous, Jerege is a state in the national affiliates or the state of the Carry team, but the finally revived national contest, the Dodge pitcher is basically suppressed him. Bates can say that the entire October is shaped, not only this year, the first two season red socks in the playoffs in the playoffs are also very bad.

Since the race is not a chance to participate, MLB’s evaluation criteria for MVP have always been limited to regular competitions for a long time. But a player from April to September couldn’t stand in the most critical moment, which is undoubtedly awkward. More famous examples in history have the most valuable players Alex Rodriggs, and he is the best player in the peak period, but the playoffs often become a laughter. However, Rodriggs took a time in the 2009 season, helping Yang Kaiji back to the championship trophy, and his performance in the United States finals, the performance of the special killing can say that a war was cleared for many years.

The 26-year-old Bates and Yerege have a bright future. The regret of the playoffs cannot deny that the two people’s huge achievements, and they have the opportunity to leave a moment in the playoffs. Two new MVP winners have a wonderful season for the baseball fans along with other young and outstanding players. There is no doubt that this new forces will move the wave of history with the constant progress of the baseball concept.