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Why is football in the world? How to let children like football?

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Why is the world’s first movement? What is the special place for a long time?

How does the world be the world?

Competitive movements are the competition of oversalist technical capabilities and psychological quality. In many single projects, the athletes are in the middle of the training, but they live in front of the game, which is a typical case of the psychological quality determines the trend of the game.

Competitive sports competitions are more than just simple technical movements, as well as psychological quality, team protection, teamwork relationships, etc., is a fairly complex system engineering, which is also an embodiment of national strength.

In multiplayer’s competitive sports, single-person playing malfunction is sometimes compensated by the excellent playback of teammates, and the exceptional performance of the team may also be lost because of the bad performance of a player.

On May 27, 2018, Kalius’s low-level mistakes caused a high arrogant Liverpool to lose sharp momentum. The soldiers defeated the mountains and the championships of the enemy. This mistakes like Calius are teammates can’t make up.

Calius’s mistakes let Liverpool lose the most critical competition

2013/14 season, Ying Yue 36th round of Limel to Duessi, the second half of the hourly stage Gerard was accidentally slippery after receiving the ball, and the Baba scored the ball, completely built Liverpool’s desire for League championship. This kind of mistake is also a teammate who cannot make up for it.

Gerald accidental slide, Liverpool is far from the champion


From the mathematical perspective, the more the results of the digital combination, the more difficulty in integrating each individual individual, alone. This is the complexity of team sports. It is necessary to mobilize every player’s emotions, but also to ensure that the team’s overall tactics is extremely complex system engineering.

Simple sports project classification “strong confrontation” single sports project

Wrestling, boxing, etc. With a strong confrontation, you can achieve ideal performance through a short-time constant training. Of course, there is a premise that athletes need to have corresponding sports talents.

Simple and rude soul

“No confrontation” class collective project

Many people “mechanical” competitive projects, kayaks, track and field groups and other projects, the surface is a collective project, and it is actually just a simple single project superposition, and it is relatively good to integrate collective movement.

“Mechanical” kayaking project

“Weak confrontation” collective project

Group tennis, badminton and other group competitive projects can often achieve more ideal results through a short-time hard training. The reason is that these sports are a weak confrontation or no confrontational competition, which can achieve the effect of the game by repeated technical constant training.

Double badminton with “Hearts”

“Weak confrontation” “strong cooperation” collective project

Volleyball, double tennis, baseball and other group projects, although there cnn world news live streaming youtube is no physical confrontation, but the collaboration between teammates is extremely high, and the mistakes of any of the teams may cause failure of the entire team.

Volleyball movement

“Strong Commentary” Collective Project

Football, basketball and other exercise projects have a strong direct body confrontation, and have a very high demand for collaboration and echoing between the team. In all sports, football is the hardest movement project, basketball.

Strong body confrontation basketball

Small knot: football, basketball and other exercise items are not simple “mechanical” operation, so the ability of the athletes has both basic technical action requirements, and have reasonable ability to use technology. Football is a total of 22 participants in all sports, which greatly increases the uncertainty in the game, so that main headlines football is full of unknown and expectation, it is a world first movement.

The use of technology in the football match

In the 1990s, there were a lot of basic technical training in domestic football training. The Chinese team in 1997 was also known as “the strongest national football in history”, and practice has proven that the method of technical action training is correct, I don’t know Why do you have to abandon now? Until today, Korean football training did not abandon technical movement training, and even Sun Xingmin did not allow him to participate in football competition before 14 years ago, and asked him to concentrate on training technology.

Crying Sun Xingmin

Who is promoting: Football training must be carried out in confrontation? No basic technology, all everything is empty!

The technology used in the football samsung mobile customer care number 24×7 india match is the conventional action of a large number of basic action training. In the case where the foundation is not firm, the high-counter training is only the air pavilion, and the effect must not be obvious.

There is a large number of confrontations such as football training in Europe and the United States. The reason is that the player’s basic technical training link has been completed (most of the players have their own home, such as the bobbin), and the training is mainly for team awareness and technical tactics. drill.

So how do you need a football lesson? What are you needed? Football training must warm-up part

1. Dynamic stretching, so that the muscles are quickly hot, reduce the possibility of exercise damage, and the organizational methods are more in the form of queuing.

2. Variable speed running, the purpose of today which shifting is to make the muscles adapted to the exercise load in different situations and reduce the possibility of injury.

3. Active ball training, let the body quickly adapted to football characteristics, the ball sphere is not neglecting the training content in any age and period.

4, simple static pull, after the muscles are hot, do some static pull, let the ligaments are completely opened.

Football warm-up link is very important

Technical training part

Football technology can be roughly divided into 3 parts: biography, stop, belt (shooting only a special embodiment of passing)

Technical training is “no confrontation” training in many trainers. Technical training is the most boring, most of them are repeated mechanical actions. Usually, the fixed area will be divided into the training, and the accuracy of the player trending news in india action is improved.

One way of training with ball technology training

Technical training is the basis of football training. In the case of no foundation, all other training is invalid, so the initial football requires a lot of technical training.

Kids waiting for “with the ball”, technical training is the foundation

In the training, it can be used as a node as a node in the training, which can effectively avoid the confused emotions of the players. For example (doing 10 sets of push balls, or do a 1 minute driver) must let the players know when to end, otherwise the training effect will be poor.

Skill training section

Skill training is the “confrontational training” in the coaches. Football skill training is the ability to use technology in the competition, how to use reasonable use technology movement in the game is the main content of this link.

After the technical operation is basically formed, it should be appropriately increased the length of skill training, and youth skill training is often reflected in the form of 1V1, 2V1 and other confrontation. The technical action selection capabilities of primary training players, how to choose the most appropriate technical action under specific scenarios.

3v3 strong anti-skill training

Sports part

Part of the competitive part can be in the form of a competition, or a non-ballistic confrontation form is to observe the master’s technical ability. In the validity of the content of the training course, it can also improve the player’s expectation for the last link of the training. After all, love to play is the child’s nature.

Soccer scientific training to the player’s help

Football training must not pull out the seedlings to help, and the so-called technical scratchoma and other high-level training are not beneficial to the child in the unskilled situation of technical movements.

Using physics to explain the training process of football is the process of increasing the quality, when the player is proficient in a large number of technical actions, the body will appear in the body, there is no absolute technical action rationality in the game, the action of the next consciousness may It is reasonable.

Scientific football training will make the child’s football skills have stepped progress, but it is not a week to achieve only a simple 3 football training class. It is also established in any industry 10,000 hours theory. When the training is not enough, the training content is also invalid.

Written in the last

Football training is very complicated, and the coaches need constantly learning football knowledge to enrich their own training class, and the small players also need to think about their own technical features, and where is the technical short board.

Football This campaign can develop both children’s tough personality, and can promote the team’s teamwork ability. In the team playing a changing role, maybe the captain, perhaps a goalkeeper, or an invincible striker, the responsibility to bear in different roles is not the same, football and basketball is the best Sports, it can teach children a lot of things.

Smile hangs on the face of the training ground

I really hope that parents can send the children to the course, feel the attitude of the coup for honor efforts; in order to sacrifice the self-fearless spirit, the child on the court is the most active, the child on the court is your pride!