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Wu Yi, a double-son star, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, in the national football team, can ushered in the world.

In November, the Chinese team will usher in two World Cup qualifiers, and the results of the Oman will become a life and death sentence. Former Jiangsu captain Wu Wei is the main player of the team iron. The 4th national news page pre-match is 90 minutes before the game. Wu Wei is also a good player, and the Saudi competition is strong in the disabled zone. He is also the captain of Chinese men’s football team, and he has been working hard to work hard to infect this teammate.

Wu Hao, born in 89, from the marginal character of the national team, and finally became the absolute core of the national team through several years of hard work. Wu Wei joined Jiangsu Haitian from Shanghai Shenhua, and he also gave a long way to play the strongest rear waist from a left defender. Once Jiangsu Haotian is also a large country, Wu Yi, auspicious, is often selected for the national team. China’s football suffered the biggest shame on June 15, 2013, in Hefei 1 to 5, the Thai Youth Team. Whether in the competition or the process, the strength and image of the Chinese men’s football are falling. But there is a person being praised and highly appreciated by the person. Compared to the lazy and eyes defense, Sun But, Sun But is the only person who does not give up with life in a chasing and running. He is the only person who has not given up the game, even if the team is very passive. He also used positive fight and blocking to make the Chinese team lost less. Sun Kee as an attack-type winger, he can defend to the bottom line. In the game, when Yan Xiaofeng attacked the protection of the goal, Sun Ke station was on the door to solve the Thai team once shot the empty door and did not kick away from the opponent to stop the second foot shot to attack the Chinese team. Sun Kee is really touched by the attitude of the difficulties. Sun Keyi is therefore countless in this fiasco. Sun Ke can sit with an abundant physical fitness and superb surge to sit track of the main striker of the Chinese team. Wu Hao began in the league and the AFC competition. Wu Yu’s status and contribution to Wu Yi before 2015 is not as dazzling.

In 2015, Jiangsu Haotianzi Xiangshun can meet the peak of Wu Yi. Sun Keki has doubled in the competition of North Korea, one of which fish leapheads. The national football defender, a long-branch of North Korea, guards, jealousy, and aircraft. The Chinese team and Uzbekistan are the battle of Wu Yi’s revenge. When Wu Hao is still a national youth, China National Green and the NG in Uzbekistan meet each other. The two sides are flattened in regular time, and the competition enters a cruel penalty battle. Wu Hao faces the critical pointless dwelling of Uzbekistan, and China’s national gather is regrettable. The key game of 8 into 4 is lost, and Zhang Linyi expresses that we will not be difficult to defeat when it is in an interview. That year, the country is known as the worst national gout in history, who can think of the current national Gongzi Group is difficult to enter a player, let alone hit the world. When the Chinese team played in Uzbekistan once again, Wu Wei was also a belief in his heart. The captain of Uzbekistan Mamadorf shot in the national football back to the net. Jiang to Pengfang Road, Yulin, Yulin, made a high-level fame, a scratch, will give the ball to the rear interpolation, and one foot is low. Sun Ke will take a few steps to take the ball in a few steps. The Chinese team 2 to 1 reversed Uzbekistan.

After the Asian Cup, the two had a huge change, and Sun Can be across Tianjin TEDA. Finally, Tianjin team does not recognize the players introduced by sponsors. The Quanjian Group bought a Chinese trochle for Sun Keyi. Sun Keyi left a transfer fee of more than 50 million yuan for the Jiangsu team. After Sun Ke joined the Chinese collapse, Sun Kejun, showed a 5 consecutive league goal. Gao Hongbo announced the list of the 12-strong list, Sun But Sun But Sun is the only Chinese player. At the 4th game of the Gao Hongbo led team, Sun can be entered into the cold palace after the first game of the Korean team. Although Wu Hao was selected as Gao Hongbo’s national team but there was no online opportunity. 2016 is the turning point of the two in the national team career.

After the Libeli, Sun Can continue to select the national team, but Wu Hao is sitting firmly in the country. In the Lipper to learn the first aaj ki indian news show of the Chinese team, Wu Wei took Huang Bowen’s corner-kick fish hit the beam. Wu Hao began to become China’s main players participated in all the remaining competitions, and also participated in the 2019 Asian Cup and 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers 40 competitions and 12 strong games have become the captain of the national football.

Sun Ke, in Tianjin, but also suffered injuries, not only in 2016, not only in 2016. It is also seriously injured in the club competition, and the recovery of several years can no longer resume the peak state. After leaving the Jiangsu team 503 days, Sun can re-harvested the goal of Super League, which is really awkward. Sun can come to China’s state, but also hurt himself not only. When he left the team at the Jiangsu team, he left the team, from the national team, the first year of the national dd national movie today team, the first year of the Chinese Super League, was really sighing to be corroded by money.

And Wu Wei chose to stick to the Jiangsu team, and under the investment in Suning, we won the Super League champion in the 2020 season. Although the Jiangsu team was dissolved after the 2020 season, Wu Yi himself grew up in the final team. Sun can joined the team, not only faded out the results of the national team main lineup and the shots did not take. When Wu Yi also contributed to the Chinese football to contribute to the World Cup, Sun Keyi is still working hard for the first qualification for the Super League.
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