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Xi’an Guest Friends Welfare! Social football field will open free or low charge

At the Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey end of 2021

Soccer field discount for government investment construction is open.

At the end of 2023

Promote the social power investment in the football field for free or low fees.

At the end of 2025

Internal course creation conditions such as enterprises and institutions are open to society.

The National Games is wonderful, and the whole city will be fruitful. The 2023 Asian Cup Group will be held in Xi’an. On November 5th, the reporter learned from the Xi’an Municipal Sports Bureau, Football Shirts Wholesale as one of the 2023 Asian Cup hosted the city, Xi’an sent a football fitness package for the people. According to the “Xi’an Social Football Site on the Openness and Operations Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the program), the social football field of Xi’an will be fully open to the general public from the end of 2025 by the end of 2025. Xu Gang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, Chairman of the Municipal Football Association, said: “This is an important action in our city’s sports industry adheres to the new development concept.



Site open covers multiple levels

On November 3, Xi’an Municipal Sports Bureau, Xi’an Development and Reform Commission on issuing the “Implementation Plan for Social Football Place of Social Football Site” in Xi’an City, the program pointed out that the football venue in the end of 2021, the government investment construction football venue should be student, Graphic Football Association, Community Football Club, Youth Sports Club and other group discounts; Site creation conditions are open to society.

It is understood that implementation plans aim to implement national football reform and development decision-making deployment, promote the implementation of sports strong country construction and national fitness strategy, and promote efficient opening of social football sites in the city. From the content of the implementation plan, the outer open court covers all levels, both government-constructed venues, and socially investment stadiums, as well as their own internal stadiums, which can be said to mobilize the existing social football space in Xi’an. All resources. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Municipal Sports Bureau said: “We will follow the principle of” government guidance, social participation, efficient opening, scientific management “to promote the city’s social football venue is highly open, so that the people have local fitness, there are venues to play, enjoy the city The results of development and football reform. “


Measures refine

Ensure that Huimin policy is implemented

For citizens who like to play fitness, this set of programs is indeed a super spree, but the key issue is how to implement it, because good policies have only implemented it to truly let the people enjoy. Interpretation of the implementation plan, which has a very refined implementation measures, such as regular satisfaction assessment, establish an assessment reward and punishment mechanism, excellent institutions, and enjoy the qualifications of the government under the same conditions; evaluation For “good” “qualified” must be rectified; “unqualified” will be held accountable.

In addition, in order to better implement, it is easy to assess, the program also clarifies that the opening hours of various stadiums, government investment construction and social stadiums that enjoy government subsidies should ensure that the whole year is open to society, no less than 35 hours per week, open all year round Not less than 330 days; all venues on August 8 each year should be open to the date of the national fitness day and the government; government investment and enjoy the government subsidy, no less than 2 hours a day, no less than 2 hours a day 2 hours of 10% discount open period (except for free open space); military, firefighters, primary and secondary school students will enjoy more benefits. Open time data is effectively avoiding the relevant institutions and departments to “wipe the ball” “drilling empty”, which can also make the people really enjoy policy benefits.



“National Football” welcomes the Asian Cup

Do a good job, thriving a city, after the era of the whole city, the people have fully enjoyed the bonus of all the whole people and the whole city. Xi’an urban construction has fully accelerated, and the places where the general public’s fitness is also more and more. After the successful completion of the National Games, Xi’an will also hold 2023 Asian Cup football games. At present, the ancient people are fully committed to meet the national football development key cities, so in this stage, “Xi’an City Social Football Site has been opened and operational management The introduction of the program is more realistic.

Football is the world’s first movement, with the most extensive influence, and the Asian Cup is the top football event in Asia. With the implementation of the program, it will greatly promote the development and popularization of football in our city, create a strong football atmosphere, help Asia Cup was held in Xi’an. Xi’an is known for super-white golden balls, and football has become a city business card, so that the millennium has exploded new vitality, and the program is also conducive to the city’s national football development key cities.

Xuang, Chairman of the Municipal Football Association, received reporters, said: “The 14th National Games have achieved a complete success. After the era of the post-Games, we will still unveincpearly implement the philosophy of sharing sports Huimin. In 2023, the city will usher in Asian Cup, in the process of organizing the Asian Cup, we have stepped into the construction of Xi’an International Football Center, but also to create a good Mbappé Jersey atmosphere of ‘National Football’, so that the general publicly enjoys the benefits of the Huimin, which is organized asian cup, this program The introduction also helps the ‘Asian Cup Huimin’ in practice. “


[Source: Xi’an release]

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