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  • zero tolerance! The referee security guards the pedestrian fans to reveal the court to reveal the right of Zhanhuang to report violations

zero tolerance! The referee security guards the pedestrian fans to reveal the court to reveal the right of Zhanhuang to report violations

On the morning of November 25th, Beijing time, the Lakers took a victory in the passenger plane to win the walker at 124-116. 2 minutes and 29 seconds before the end of the overtime, there was a sudden situation on the field. After the Lakers lost the ball, LeBron James laried the referee, and pointed to the pedestrian fans complained to the referee.

Subsequently, on-site security interventions, directly put two fans out of the court. At the time of retreat, one of the female fans also made a crying facial expression against James, suspected of ridicule James.

Now I don’t know what the two pedestrians fans have been expelled. The nepheses of Su Qun said in the explanation because the fans touched James in the field, but now there is no shot showing the fans to deliberately touch James. The US media generally believes that the fans are in the speech, maybe it is said to insult James.

If the fans are indeed a speech, James does have the right to appeal to the referee, asking the referee and security to see the fans. Because the last version of the NBA rule brochure clearly wrote: “If any viewer has an oral insulting player / coach in the game, if the referee seems to hinder the communication of the coach and players. Then the team leader of the referee will warn the fans on the scene. If the fans still have the same behavior in the game, then the leader of the referee will command the security official of the scene to play the audience. outside.”

In 2019, the alliance has enriched the rule manual and launched a zero tolerance policy. In this incident, the referee did not give the fans to warned, but directly invited
them, it looked at the behavior of the fans, and the speech triggered a zero tolerance policy.

In fact, similar events have also happened in February this year. At that time, the Lakers challenge the eagle, an eagle female fan suddenly took off the mask in the scene, spray James, and used a lot of dirty to insult James. Then the referee will expel the female fan. Afterwards, the female fans said in social media, and she was James because James glanced at her husband in the game.

In the past few years, Beverly, Russell Westbrook has been lost in the game, and Beverly throws a ball to the fans. Wei Shao is the scene with the other fans, the two He has been fined by the alliance. Many people have a player, not all of the league, and do not protect the players, saying that the player has become a vulnerable group.

The alliance also heard these sounds. In the past two years, the alliance is constantly improving rules and strengthens the protection of players. Alliances have been suspected of discrimination, hateful speech, behavior launched zero-tolerance policy, NBA Executive Vice President and Security Primary Picture: “Once fans issued discrimination, greeting the speech of others, involving other people’s family’s speech, We will directly ask them and investigate what happened. “

It is also because of the zero-embrace policy of the alliance, James can complain to the referee when they are insulted in the game, asking the referee to play the fans, so there is no problem.