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Zhejiang: The development of a long triangulation is the development of common prosperity demonstration zones

Qianjiang Evening News

These years, Chinese football failed every time, almost some people took the brilliance of the Song Dynasty football, after he was high, Chinese football seems to be a sleeping lion, and I will not wake up millennium.

The Song Dynasty is both elegant and vulgar, and it is seamlessly docked, and the daily life of Song people lives is today’s flow of elegant rhyme, such as taking tea, incinent, hanging, and flowers.


The international footage is certified, and the football originated in Qilu, the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, then called 蹴 蹴. At the Tang Dynasty, China’s competitive football reached a high level, “Conduct” and other righteous history, recorded the friendly match of Shengubo and Datang football team.

The Song Dynasty is the peak of Chinese football and world football. From the masses to the competitive level, the Song Dynasty football will enter the golden age.

Many people have the impression of the big Song’s football, from the high-rise in “Water Margin”, the history of his life, such as the number of people: from the small tourist, pose a good year because of the good ball, and finally, in the middle of the people, the son Drama people, put Lin Chong on Liangshan.

Gao Yu is actually being done, the novel is demon. Historical high-rise is born in Kaifeng Family. After reading a few years, I didn’t participate in the imperial examination, but I copened into Sudongpo books, to write invitations, visit, and reply to Dawenhao Su Dongpo. Work around the Millennium Millennium, engaged in writing, the taste of painting and calligraphy, and the poetry songs are never.

It is rare that high-spirited is very good from the small hand, football, Sweet, and playing sticks. In 1093, Su Dongpo has been opened to Hebei Dingzhou work. He introduced Xiaoao to the 驸 诜 爱 爱 书 画 和 驸 驸 诜 诜 诜 诜 文 青 青 青 青 青 青 文 驸 文 驸 驸 驸 文 驸 驸 驸 文 文 文 文 文. 文. 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文. 文 文 结 文 文 王 文 王 王 王 王 王 文 文 王 文 王 王 文 王. 文 文The high-spirited people are not bad, and the pleasure of Su Dongpo is very grateful. After Su Dongpo passed the death, his future generations went to the opening of the opening, and the high-level high of the high position was quite careful. At that time, Su Dongpo entered the blacklist of Yuanyou Party people, and this is a political risk.

It worsened such a big bend, I want to say, in the Song Dynasty, playing the ball is not the first thing of the end of the end of the beginning of the goddess. In addition to high-spirited football prime minister, in addition to high-spirited, there are Ding Qin, Li Bangyan.

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Dai Yuan said that he was so happy when he was a child. He learned a skill. The poetry songs were not bad, but poetry wrote better, it was not as good as medicine, and it is better to play the game and the game. At that time, the football master, like today’s net red, it is easy to build a super IP.


In the Forbidden City, the Yuan Dynasty painter money, the “Song Taizu”, the “Song Taizu” in the Northern Song Dynasty, and the six people in the picture, form the most luxurious appearance lineup in the history of world football: the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Wei, his brother, big Song Dynasty The second emperor Zhao Guangyi, breaking news in hindi delhi the Prime Minister Zhao Pu, the founding of the country, Chu Zhao, the general party, and Shi Shouxin.

The extent of this lineup, in 2007, was tied. At the Venezuelan Cup, Venezuelan President Chavez, Bolivia President Morales and the ball of Maradona have passed three feet, and finally the old horse kicks the ball. At this moment, there is more than 1,000 years from Song Taizu.

There is a fanatic fan and amateur master Song Taizu, the Song Dynasty football is so high, and it is difficult to think about it. Up to the emperor, the official is expensive, and the bottom is from the pedestrian, the Pediatrics of the Yellow mouth, the two Song Dynasties, the football movement is insequent, and the horizontal is clear.

The Northern Song Dynasty has two genuine royal football teams, and every major festival or foreign returns visit, hindi news paper headlines often holds a football show. “Tokyo Meng Hua Lu” has a detailed record of the football match in Kaifeng, Song Huizong: The pair of two in front of the hall, with the color of the ball, and leave a small size of the small door, called the wind.

The two sides of the competition have taken ten individuals, starting from the ball (equivalent to the striker), the ball is not paled between ten individuals, not to convey, and finally returned to the ball, by him shooting the ball into the small door, referee Pen: Score. Then the other party will win, and finally won more than one party.

The football of the Song Dynasty, unlike the Tang Dynasty football, but focused on skill accuracy. There are indoor, outdoor, and the number of competitions from one person (performance) to more than ten people, paying attention to basic work, news in hindi dainik highlighting entertainment, at the time.

Technical features, Song Dynasty football put Milu to play the Chinese team, and the essence of Southeast Asia and the essence of many projects in Southeast Asia and the essence of many projects. In combination with various words, Song paintings and archeology, the Song Dynasty football is closer to the technical flow of Brazil Samba Football. Qin Sheng’s Kung Fu Football and Violence Aesthetics are absolutely no foothold in the Song team.

The soul of the Song Dynasty and the modern football are both old three: biography, control, shooting, other parts of the body outside the body is entry Kung Fu. In contrast, Messi is more likely to become a super superstar in the Song Dynasty, and his control technology is better than C Luo. In the past, Argentina’s slow lang Zhonglikilme, and it was todays main news more likely to be big red than Levan in the Song Dynasty.


The Song Dynasty commodity is developed, the population of citizens, Kaifeng, and Hangzhou have reached more than 15 million, and the people in the city are strong on entertainment and leisure, football heat and phase heat should be born. The Song Dynasty’s football production technology has greatly improved, and the popularity of football is also added such as Tiger. The football at that time was made of sixteen leather, the liner is the inflatable pig and sheep, the shape and weight are close to today.

Of course, use the football of the Song Dynasty to kick out Robert, Carlos and C Ro, random possibilities, now Adi develop new balls, and test through human mechanics and aerodynamics. But before the Spanish hooligans and adventures arrived in Mexico, there are too many of the Aztec who have fun.

Aztec people are holding a football match when sacrificing, the ball is done, and the injured arm is broken and even throwing life is a normal event. This bloody movement is obviously impossible to popularize the promotion, becoming a national fitness project.

The big Song, the public society, the masses of the football, and the records of all kinds of positive history history are all.

Song Dynasty “Qiantang Dream” describes Hangzhou: “There are 36 flowers willownees, seventy-two-seat tone city, more and answer idiya, not planting flowers.” That is to say, Hangzhou but there is a piece of empty, not a flowery flower is playing. On the side of the West Lake, now the old man dances the square to dance Taijiquan, and the Southern Song is a group of teenagers in a group of teenagers. At that time, there were 23 entertainment centers in Hangzhou, and the football performances and competitions inside. The audience will enter. This football hardware facility, the football practitioners in Hangzhou are envious.

The Song Dynasty’s football match is usually between the winter solstice to the end of the year in the second year. If you go to the Northern Song Dynasty during your Lantern Festival, you will see that the Tokyo Royal Street has “hit the pills, take a rod”; the Lantern Festival will receive the lights, and the opening of the opening “out of the city”, at this time Located in the swing, the touch is emperor, and it is a red man who is playing in the ball everywhere. In the spring of Spring, Royal Linyuan Qionglinyuan was open to the public. There were also venues for citizens to play. “There are Hengjie, and there are floating roads in the south of the feast.”

According to various types of righteous history, notes, wild history and description, Northern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou, South Song Dynasty, is the well-deserved world football capital, football culture atmosphere better than Today’s Madrid and Barcelona. As for Brazil, Argentina, they still hunt fishing in the forest.

The football desert is cultivated by Green City for more than 20 years. This year, she only got the first National Games football champion. At the Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou had an ancient world number one football club – Qiyun Society, emerges as Huang Ruyi, Fan Lao Super stars such as Little Sun, Zhang Ming, Cai Wei and other super stars, “Wulin Old things”, they are included in “All Color Artists”.

According to “蹴 蹴 谱”, the total person in charge of Qiyun Society is “all deployed”, which is equivalent to the current Chairman of the Football Association, set “teaching”, “social secret” to assist the directors, “Zhibou” is responsible for the external reception, “meeting” “Being” responsible for organizing events. The organization is sound, the division of labor is clear, and it is much more specified than the current individual club. Qi Yunshi’s work includes propaganda and cultural, teaching the kicker technology, formulates the rules and etiquette, organizes football competitions, and assess the technical level of the player.

Schnees’ sneaked, but Qiyun has created the most beautiful movement in the world: “The world is called the round agency, the world is the most beautiful, and the hooded personality, Shulang Doctor can be leisure, the master Wang Sun can send; On the wind, the English is full of praise; in the flower brilliant, the talented people will play. Happy life, four seasons, unanimous, non-general people, people, the world, the world, the world Only Qi Yun is. ”

The Song Dynasty is a commercial society. It is of course economic benefits. Join Qiyun Society, and the teacher to learn, and need to pay a tuition fee. If you don’t want to save money, don’t want to learn Trusque, this truth is the same as today’s youth football training.

Qi Yun has formulated all kinds of charters and rules of the club. For example, members are required to pay attention to “ten tight”: “To be with gas, must be trusted, essential, to travel, we are tempered, friends, to respect, must be modest, It is necessary to be mentally; obeying the “10 Forbidden Ring”: “Returning a lot of words, quit gambling, quit fight, ring, quit, quit, ring, ring, 轻, 戒 酒 酒.”

Simply summarize, respect your opponent, respect the audience, respect the referee, respect your own. Under such a strict rules and regulations, the referee manipulates the game, the player’s counterfeit ball, the Song team is unimaginable, so the Song team is not a fake record. Many of the TCMs have managed to the players today, and it is better to be strictly meticulous.


The national transport is full of enthusiasm. The Breakado has a developed economy, cultural and prosperous, scientific and technological progress, and many aspects of the Song Dynasty have emerged, and sports are gradually separated from the initial military and farming attributes, to entertain, recuperate and health, and even professional and professional. trend. If there is also an Olympic Games at that time, the Song Dynasty players have difficulties in the fields and the Greek Rome, and other projects will lead.

Now Japan’s national quintessence, is the second movement of the Song team, the popularity is second only to football. In addition to the shirtless man, the Song Dynasty’s woman is very hot, Song Renzong is criticized by Sima Guang’s euphemistic criticism because he repeatedly watched the women’s phase competition. Although the woman is wearing a tamper, the scene is still cool.

The polo originated from Persia, and the Tang Dynasty was full of war, and the polo movement was booming. Song Dynasty horse is gold, except that Daguan is expensive, you can play it immediately. There is still a simple folk, riding a scorpion, scorpion playing a horse. Song Dynasty from Song Taizu, Song Taizong to Song Huizong, Song Xiaong, is a polo master.

Kaifeng, the Northern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou, and the diving exercise were very developed, and it was called water. Surfing on Qiantang River in South Song Dynasty is both a group project and a regulations of the navy practice. The tide head, the hand puts the red flag flag, basically, is basically the surfing ancestor.

As for the long history of the dragon boat, I would like to see the people in the Song Dynasty nature. When Su Dongpo secondly served as a parent of Hangzhou, it was still frequently organized a dragon boat competition on the West Lake, lending consumption, and raising the expense of drought relief.

(Original title “Song Yun City | Song Dynasty’s football is there?” Editor Wang Jinshuai)
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